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ACE’s mission is to ease the non-medical financial burden that can overwhelm families caring for a chronically ill child.  We work with social workers at the hospital to identify families in need of our help.  Once a family is identified, an application is submitted for approval from the ACE Board.  Once approved, ACE makes payment directly to the vendor to remove the burden from the family.  We also provide 

the payment confirmations to the family should they need for future reference.  

Imagine, if you can, receiving the worst news possible – you have a child stricken with cancer.  Now picture taking significant time off from work to be at the hospital as your child goes through exhaustive treatments.  The treatments aren’t enough, so you now seek a specialist in another state for several more weeks of treatment.  That’s more time away from home and family; more time away from work.  You remain mentally strong for the sake of your child, but you know that bills at home are now going unpaid.  Mortgage/rent payments, electric bills, etc.  Your family is trying to help out in every way they can, but it’s just not enough.  You need some help from others, some sort of community effort, to allow you to keep your house, keep your lights on, and keep food on the table.  We are that help – A Community Effort, or simply “ACE.”    




ACE was inspired by and created in loving memory of Mason McLeod – a.k.a Mase the Ace.  Mason was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma in March of 2008 at the age of 8.  From the time he was diagnosed, Mason never flinched – he stared down the cancer like a true superhero.  His super power - his smile - became infectious to anyone who crossed his path.  Mason was an inspiration to his peers, his family, and his friends.  He fought, and fought, and fought, until his superhero body couldn’t fight anymore.  Mason gave Burkitt’s the longest fight it had ever seen.  His courage was unflappable, his strength was unquestioned, and his heart was undeterred.  But in the end, Ace was called upon for a new purpose – helping families who are fighting similar battles.  


Even though Mason is gone, the spirit of Ace is still with us, now and always.  Like a true superhero, he’ll be able to help families when they are in their greatest time of need.  He will be there, with his bandanna on his head and a flowing cape on his back, swooping in to ease a family’s financial burden of caring for a chronically ill child.  Donate now to help Ace save the day and bring hope to others. 

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